Sloan Analytics Conference

As the field hockey assistant coach and performance analyst, technology plays a large part of my role. For every practice and game that our players partake in they wear both a heart rate monitor and a GPS unit, and are videoed from multiple angles. It is because of the culture of innovation that exists here […]

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Graphing in R

Written for a beginner by a beginner. What is R? My previous post was the first time that I have produced visuals for a post using R, an open source software for data analysis and visualisation. It is a programming language which means that rather than typing data or clicking icons as you might in […]

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Offensive and Defensive Profiling

As this season has recently finished, I think it’s a good time to take a look back and see how teams this season compare to each other, and to previous seasons. To do this, and so that a teams offensive and defensive performance can be assessed, for each team from the last 6 seasons (any older and the league structure changes) of men’s […]

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Score-line (game state) analysis

Having recently completed my MSc Performance Analysis, I have decided to use the data and findings to publish a number of posts, beginning with a three part series into how score-line (game state) effects passing in hockey for (Twitter: @self_pass). The first of these, exploring how score-line influences pass outcome, is available here.

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